“If there’s any justice in the world he’ll be picking up awards at next year’s AMAs.”
   Country Music People Magazine (READ MORE)


“To listen to D.B. Rielly and not love him is akin to smelling bacon and not salivating.”
"He’s like Marty Stuart with an accordion. Buddy Miller without friends. Roy Orbison without glasses, and Iris Dement with testosterone.”

   — The Lonesome Road Review (READ MORE)


“His blend of humor, musicality and subtle songwriting puts him on a path to be compared to folks like Lyle Lovett and Randy Newman.” 
   — Wildy's World (READ MORE)


“Rielly is a shining example of a real pro flying under the radar.” 
   — Midwest Record (READ MORE)


“D.B. Rielly is a superb songwriter.”
   — Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange (READ MORE)


“The songwriting & vocal presence from front man D.B Reilly is world-class.” 
“...reminiscent of such classic acts like Lyle Lovitt, Chris Issak, & Paul Simon.”

   – Cyrus Rhodes, The Muse’s Muse (READ MORE)


“He’s been called “Mark Twain with a banjo.”  To me, he is an Americana treasure and will be acknowledged as such one day – the sooner the better.” 
   — Linda Hill, No Depression (READ MORE)


“The man can flat-out write great songs.”
   – Me, Myself, Music and Mysteries (READ MORE)


“One of the best songwriters you’ve never heard of.” 
   — WMLB, Atlanta


Love Potions & Snake Oil is probably the best album I ever got to play on radio.”
   — John Butcher, The Bay 102.8FM, Bournemouth, UK


"What's so great about Rielly though is not just his versatility but also how proficient of a songwriter he truly is."
   — JustPressPlay


While there’s an abundance of singer-songwriters belting away their sorrows, frustrations and hopes, chances are they won’t be nearly as refreshing as D.B. Rielly.
   — Resident Media Pundit


"...reminds the listener of when someone like Bob Dylan was at his best."
The Independent Music Scene


“D.B. Rielly has the rare ability to do it all amazingly well.” 
   – MuzikReviews.com


“Because sometimes it’s just that simple. And because I love accordions and dancing and kissing and think the world would be a better place if everyone was listening to D.B. Rielly.” 
   - Bennet’s Digest


“With a little bit of twang, a hearty shake of Zydeco, and a lot of Americana, he’s been winning the hearts of audiences all over.”
   — 5enses Magazine